Frequently Asked Questions about Mortgages for Texas Home loans

First Time Buyer

Buying a home for the first time or not, mortgages are the most affordable way to make a purchase right away and move in at once. Thanks to our lower-than-average interest rates a better mortgage is possible.

Before your search, it is always a good idea to get a Pre-Approval letter for your Realtor. With this document the Listing and Selling agent will know what price range home you are qualified to purchase and finance. There are several home loan programs available; Conventional up to 97% loan to value (3% down payment), 15 year and 30 year mortgages, VA/FHA and Jumbo (loans over the conforming maximum of $484,350).

What is a Home Equity Loan

A Home Equity loan refinance can have a huge impact on where your finances are and where they can be. It all starts with paying off high-interest credit cards and includes consolidating loans. In short, with today's low interest rates, this might be the perfect time to consider a Home Equity loan. The equity funds can be used to purchase a second home or investment property.

Adam Mortgage will evaluate your mortgage refinancing options. The housing industry is fast-paced and it iscritical to have the right team of professionals working for you.

The typical closing costs associated with this type of loan can be included with the new mortgage.

Our process for obtaining a Texas home mortgage loan

Summary of the loan process from time of accepting the loan application :

  • Purchase homeowner's insurance
  • Title work will be ordered
  • Home appraisal will be ordered
  • Have home inspection
  • Review the home purchase contract
  • Do not take on any new debt
  • Interest rate must be locked in no later than 10 days prior to closing
  • The verification of employment will be re-verified 3-4 days prior to closing
  • Close on your new home or the refinance

For more details on our mortgage approval process

Types of Texas Home Loans available from Adam Mortgage

For more details on the types of loans we offer, click here.

  • Fixed rate mortgage
  • Adjustable rate mortgage (ARM)
  • Government – FHA and VA loans
  • Lot Loans
  • Second Lien Loans
  • Jumbo Loans
  • Construction Loans
  • Refinancing