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Loan Programs yb Adam Mortgage

30 Year vs. 15 Year Mortgage

30 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage
1. Helps you purchase a more expensive home that meets your family's real needs.
2. Has an increased tax deduction because you're paying more annual interest.
3. Provides flexibility for families with fluctuating monthly income by allowing them to pay more or less based on their monthly cash-flow.

15 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage
1. Homeowners are able to pay off their home faster while also earning equity faster, which helps support their overall financial plan.
2. Homeowners will be able to save interest, which adds up significantly over 30 years.
3. A 15 year mortgage allows families to align their mortgage with significant life events such as retirement or a college education.

Conventional Conforming and Jumbo Loan Program

For more than 21 years, Adam Mortgage has been helping people make their most significant purchase: a HOME.  We offer a full menu of home loans for every need.
  •  Conventional conforming mortgages to $417,000 (FNMA & FHLMC)
  •  Jumbo mortgages from $417,001 to $5 million plus
  •  Adjustable Rate Mortgages, including 1 Year Treasury, 6 month Libor
  •  Conforming Balloons - 3, 5,& 7 year fixed rates, amortized over 30 years
  •  80/10/10 & 80/15/5 programs with no private mortgage insurance
  •  24 hour APPROVALS. (Desktop Underwriting and Loan Prospector)
  •  Lot/ Construction financing are available

Government Loan Programs in Houston

As an excellent alternative to traditional home financing, our government loan programs in Houston offer first-time buyers the ability to purchase a home with a smaller down payment and more flexible underwriting guidelines.
  •  Years of experience with Government Loans
  •  Competitive pricing & quick turn-around time
  •  LP underwriting with 24 hour approvals

Construction Loans in Houston

If you are considering building or remodeling a home, Adam Mortgage offers the "construction" and "permanent" financing too. We will organize the construction-bank loan. Once the construction of your new home is 30-45 days from completion, we will submit your loan to the permanent loan Lender for your long term mortgage.

Home Equity Loans in Houston

The equity is the difference between what you owe on your house and what it is worth.  You have access to this dollar value and can borrow a percentage of the home's value to pay the closing costs, consolidate bills, home improvement projects, finance a child's education or whatever your need may be. In Texas the percentage is 80% of the appraised value.

Refinance to Lower Interest Rates and Terms

When you refinance your home, you can obtain three objectives.  One of the benefits derived from lowering your interest rate is lowering your monthly payment.  Secondly, you can reduce the term of your mortgage which will save you thousands of dollars in future interest payments and allow you to pay off your mortgage early.  The closing cost associated with refinancing can be included in your new mortgage with "no" money out-of-pocket.  And finally, you can also obtain "cash" from the equity in your home when you refinance.

Foreign National Financed Loans

A portfolio mortgage loan program for borrowers who are outside of the Conforming guidelines. Our programs are for the Purchase of Refinance of a Primary residence or Second home. Jumbo loan are considered, which are loan amounts $417,001 or greater. Borrowers will need to provide their VISAs, US credit is not required. We will accept foreign credit and assets.

Commercial Loans

With over 25 years of experience in developing, constructing and financing commercial properties, we can organize the interim and permanent financing for:

  •  Office Buildings
  •  Shopping Centers
  •  Apartments
  •  Industrial
  •  Hotels and Churches
  •  And any other non-residential projects

  • My wife and I would like to thank you and your staff for the professional manner in which we were treated during our new home purchase.  There were no unexpected closing costs and of greatest importance, you all always returned our calls in a timely manner.

    We will surely refer your company to our friends or anyone looking to finance their new home.

    Thanks again for your first rate service.

    R. Burkhalter
  • Dear Ken,

    I would like to take this time to express my thanks to the Adam Mortgage's staff for a job well done.  The experience was as just good as my REALTOR® promised, and then some.  I was really under the gun for funds and time to close on this particular house and Adam Mortgage made it happen.  Thanks for being so understanding during the loan process.  You all have a very credible reputation in the Houston area.

    Thanks again for all your hard work.

    J. Struwe
  • Dear Adam Mortgage,

    We wanted to take the time to thank the whole organization for a smooth job that each one of you preformed in accomplishing the closing of our new home.  It was very professionally handled without any excuses or time delays.

    We will refer your company to all friends and business associates.


    S. Hagemann
  • Thanks for all our help and counsel through my construction loan process. It has been greatly appreciated!!

    R. Everett
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